EmpireOne Global Solutions - The BPO Company

Customer Service

  • Hit every social channel that matters to your business and support customers everywhere with live chat, phone support, and social media engagement.
  • Show your audience that you care about their needs with sympathetic & compassionate call center agents who comfort your distressed customers.

Billing & Subscription Management

  • Make your customers more comfortable with purchases by providing end-to-end order management and support whenever they need it.
  • Give your repeat customers a personalized experience with complete subscription management – from billing assistance, technical support, retention, and cancellations.
  • Cross-sell more services like bundles or paper-to-digital upgrades and increase your company’s revenue with more dedicated agents on the line.

Customer Insights & Reporting

  • Have a team of experts take a look at your reporting for trends, product weaknesses, and service improvements.
  • Gain critical insights on common customer complaints on products or services to prioritize the right business goals.