The term “Hyperautomation” first appeared in Gartner’s Top Ten Strategic Technology Trends for 2020 in October 2019. Since then, the buzz about it has only intensified and become one of the most encouraging trends in recent years. Many businesses were reluctant to adopt automation when it first emerged because they were concerned about change, associated costs, and job losses. However, as technology advances and the tried-and-true advantages of implementing these innovations in the business world become clearer, businesses are shifting their practices toward creating intelligent, highly efficient, and people-centric workplaces.

For businesses looking to grow and gain a competitive edge, hyperautomation presents a potential growth opportunity. It is being hailed as the future of work by many tech leaders, and for businesses, it represents an unavoidable change rather than just a potential opportunity.

What is Hyperautomation in Business Process

Hyperautomation is the term for the use of a network of cutting-edge technologies, including machine learning (ML), robotic process automation (RPA), and artificial intelligence (AI), to create digital transformation. Simply put, hyper automation transforms work by combining a number of cutting-edge technological tools.

7 Benefits of Hyperautomation

Each step of hyperautomation in business is based on an efficient, craftier, and hyper automated method for accelerating the process and achieving organizational objectives. Additionally, it enables collaboration between businesses and their teams as well as the proper augmentation of technology for results that are seamless and efficient. Let’s now begin by discussing how hyper automation impacts the speed of business processes.

1. Increases Work Automation

While you can automate a number of inactive, repetitive tasks with RPA to make work easier, hyper automation allows you to accomplish much more. Hyperautomation uses a variety of parts, technologies, and tools to improve or increase the level of automation you can use in your business and get more work done.

2. Encourages Team Collaboration

Everyone and everything is connected by hyperautomation. It involves everyone as a part of a novel transformation that connects data, processes, and operations, from your business operations to your IT. Users can collaborate more easily with the interaction between RPA, intelligent tools, and software robots across all an organization’s core processes.

3. Greater Productivity

Your workforce can accomplish more with less effort if you provide them with a larger toolkit that includes modern technologies and increases automation. By removing bottlenecks throughout the supply chain of operations, streamlining workflows, and eliminating labor-intensive manual tasks, hyper automation ensures that employees are more productive, motivated, and inspired to approach their work in a more positive and creative way.

4. Advanced Analytics and Insights

Businesses frequently fail to identify inefficiencies, determine what needs to be improved, and continuously improve their processes for greater profits. Business leaders must first gain deep insights from their data, which can only be done by implementing advanced analytics. Businesses can be transformed by hyperautomation by utilizing data to its fullest potential and gaining insights that helps them to not only comprehend current market trends but also predict future outcomes and adjust their course accordingly.

5. Cost reduction and ROI Improvement

The incorporation of hyper automation into business processes makes it very easy to increase profits while cutting costs. The financial advantages of integrating automation tools and technologies boost revenue, the productivity of employees, and the number of satisfied customers, in addition to improving business efficiency. According to Gartner Research, by 2024, hyperautomation will enable businesses to cut operational costs by 30%.

6. Improvement of Customer Service

Hyperautomation plays a significant role in customer service because it automates routine tasks so that customer support agents can concentrate on more complex business operations. They assign complicated and time-consuming tasks to the bots while also gathering customer information from prior interactions. Knowing the customer’s history and the problem helps the support staff provide faster, more effective assistance.

7. Acceleration & Precision

The accuracy and speed of business operations are improved because hyperautomation enables the automation of complex business processes. End-to-end automation processes are now feasible as a result of the widespread use of AI, predictive analytics, deep learning, and natural language processing. It reduces the likelihood of human fatigue and error, enabling chatbots to mimic human intelligence. In turn, this greatly improves operations’ accuracy and speed.


Hyperautomation can enhance work and advance sustainability while also producing better results and greater returns with the appropriate tools and technology. Hyper automation appears to be the next obvious progression in the automation journey, but it requires a clear understanding of the concept and proper execution to reap its full benefits. We at EmpireOne Contact Center are a well-known outsourcing company that provides affordable customer service support. We are utilizing the power of the newest tools and technologies to deliver the best possible customer service that satisfies client needs. Reach out to us to learn more about our amazing offers.