EmpireOne Global Solutions - The BPO Company

Dealer/Supplier Administration & Management

  • Stay on top of logistics with regular, end-to-end communications with all stakeholders.
  • Maintain professional client interactions that reflect your company’s values and build a reputation for responsiveness and organization.
  • Build quality relationships with the critical third parties involved in your supply chain like dealers, suppliers, and customers.

Technical Support

  • Make a great impression at the first point of contact with trained agents that can solve technical issues efficiently.
  • Through cutting-edge reporting and analytics, our sharp and diligent call center agents proactively scan for early warnings of design and engineering flaws.
  • Provide 24/7 access to manuals, OEM product information, data libraries, and product specs to improve satisfaction & maintain complete transparency.

Product & Warranty Assistance

  • Promptly address warranty repair requests & online order queries to give manufacturers, dealers, suppliers, and vehicle owners the reassurance they need.
  • Reduce fraud & save on costs with a team of call center service agents who can process and audit the legitimacy of requests.
  • Boost team efficiency with outsourced customer service that acts as an extension of your operations department to speed up and improve customer support.

Recall Management

  • Ensure a smooth recall process by employing customer service representatives who are available to assist clients and contractors at every touchpoint. Allow your outsourced contact center to handle the entire recall management life cycle, from first notice to vehicle repair, collection, and payment/reimbursement processing.